Mountain Bike Photography - Salisbury Plain


Mountain Bike Photography - Salisbury Plain


Conquer dark shadows and bright sunlight when photographing riders on the limit to make eye catching extreme sport images full of detail and visual context. This is our workshop in the woods.

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Steep, challenging mountain bike trails, purpose built in the forest on Salisbury Plain, provide the perfect backdrop to a day of photographing high speed downhill mountain biking.

The objective of this workshop is to overcome the harsh contrast between highlights and shadows in the forest, capturing detail and a balanced exposure with flash to create artistic frame filling images.

Skills learnt in this environment are easily applied to many other genres of photography.   

- Arrive,
- meet and greet,
- discover location, explore composition,
- try out the kit, create lighting scenarios, 
- meet the rider (or climber), plan the shot,
- take the picture,
- take another,
- and another

* It would definitely be an advantage to own a DSLR and have a basic understanding of how to manually control shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Previous experience with off-camera flash is not necessary.

You do not need to be an extreme sport athlete or have any experience of throwing yourself into the scenery. 

Although we try to ensure easy access from carpark to location, the landscape often demands an uphill walk and the terrain can be challenging. A reasonable level of fitness and some appropriate clothing should be high on your checklist. 

You should definitely pack a sense of adventure.