Climbing and Landscape Photography - Dartmoor


Climbing and Landscape Photography - Dartmoor


The 360 degree Dartmoor views and striking tors make for a climbers and photographers paradise. Combine extreme sports with a rugged landscape and you have our workshop on the moor.

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Big sky, rugged landscape, climbers in their element

Enjoy stunning locations, work with enthusiastic, experienced climbers and see how lightweight but powerful off-camera flash can enhance your outdoor photography

Our climbing workshop offers great views, easy access and only a short walk to some amazing climbing. 

You do not need to climb, we chose the sport of bouldering just so that you can keep your feet on the ground

- Arrive,
- meet and greet,
- discover location, explore composition,
- try out the kit, create lighting scenarios, 
- meet the rider (or climber), plan the shot,
- take the picture,
- take another,
- and another

* It would definitely be an advantage to own a DSLR and have a basic understanding of how to manually control shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Previous experience with off-camera flash is not necessary.

You do not need to be an extreme sport athlete or have any experience of throwing yourself into the scenery. 

Although we try to ensure easy access from carpark to location, the landscape often demands an uphill walk and the terrain can be challenging. A reasonable level of fitness and some appropriate clothing should be high on your checklist. 

You should definitely pack a sense of adventure.